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Commercial Projects
I am also available for commercial projects of every description, large or small, subtle or bold, abstract or figurative.

My Philosophy
Every piece I do for a client is made with the intention that that client be extremely happy and satisfied--that it be that person or persons favorite colors, images and ideas. I can proudly report that never has a client been disappointed, and I try and often have exceeded expectations!

Working with you
We'll have an initial conversation by phone, and/or e-mail and you can communicate your basic project and concept.

I provide a preliminary sketch or sketches (murals, floor cloths, etc) if needed. Fees for the sketches will be deducted from the project's total cost. A
sketch with color indications is $125.

Floorcloths prices are $35 per square foot and up. Minimum order is $400.

Pillows prices start at $180.
Paintings, photos and printings on cotton duck. Sizes are 15" x 15" or 18" x 18"
Other personalized, special-order pillows on other fabrics can be ordered at additional cost.

Cost of murals, painted environments and screens vary depending on scale and complexity so fees will vary as well.

My fee for an on-site visit is $100 the first hour or any part thereof, and additional time is billed at $60 per hour. Travel time and transportation fees are added. $100 of the on-site visit fee will be deducted from the total cost.

An in-depth consultation by phone is $30 per 1/2 hour. This does not pertain to a general phone inquiry about my work and my site.

Half of the total amount of the project is paid in advance. On completion of floorcloths and transportable items, the final payment is made prior to delivery. For on-site projects, the balance is paid on the day of completion of my work.

Shipping and Handling
These costs are additional and depend upon how you wish screens or floorcloths to be delivered.

Notes on Floorcloth care
As was quoted from a happy client, the floorcloth is very durable, and easily cleaned with any non-abrasive mean: a sponge, a cloth, soap and water. Often a sponge mop with water only is enough. It should lay on flooring, not on carpeting. It is "adaptable" in that it will conform to the floor's character, but if moved, will conform again--that is to say it will show lines of old floor boards, or tiles, or other surfaces with any indentations, but it is not adversely affected in any way. If it is moved to another space, those indentations will go away, and new ones may appear, causing no damage. Two sided carpet tape can be used sometimes. Often nothing is needed to secure the cloth in its position. Every 3 years it is important to re-coat the floorcloth with 2 coats of a semi glossy clear urethane. I use a water based coating to avoid the more toxic fumes. The floorcloth comes to you with many coats of urethane to give it long-life. Floorcloths can be rolled losely, design-side in, for easy storage and moving, seeing to it that it is well padded with bubble-wrap or tissues, etc., not creased, and not bending the edges if stored in a standing position.